1A Sandown Road

Bloubergsands, 7441

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021 554 4229

1A Sandown Road

Bloubergsands, 7441

About Us

Our Vision


through a Christ­centred, individualized curriculum to


each child to reach his full potential, destiny and purpose so as to


and influence the community.

Our Mission

Guide each learner into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and discover his gifts, talents, abilities, potential and destiny.

Provide a Christian environment with Biblical character and values in which each learner can be educated and achieve academic excellence. Appoint qualified teachers who are firmly grounded in their relationship with God and who are able to pass their experience on to the children. Expose each learner to different life situations through an innovative individualized approach and help him find suitable Biblical solutions to overcome his problems. Facilitate participation in physical education, sporting and cultural activities.

Introduce each learner to different cultures and nationalities in the school, as well as on mission trips into Africa and beyond.